What to Expect and Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never experienced a Professional Massage before, you may have some questions. It is perfectly normal to be a little nervous your 1st time, and it is important that you are comfortable during your session. Here some commonly expressed concerns:

  • Modesty: Many wonder about about how much of their clothing should be removed. Traditionally Massage is received completely nude, and while many people who are more seasoned are comfortable with this, you may not be. You will be draped at all times, and only the area being worked uncovered. You are always free to leave on anything you wish, and we ask that you specify any areas you do not wish to receive work in order to suit your comfort.

  • Pain: Tense muscles are often sore, and may hurt a little when massaged. Some discomfort is not unusual, however it should not be so painful that you can't take it. Feel free to tell your therapists at anytime if you'd like less pressure, or more.

  • How Often?: We recommend that people try to incorporate some kind of regular program according to what they can realistically do. Because we are talking about working your muscles and soft tissue, their response is similar to exercise. As such, the best long term results are not achieved by running a marathon once a year.  Every 2 - 4 weeks is very common.

  • "Should I Tip my Therapist?" Like many other Service related occupations, it is customary for the Therapists to receive a Gratuity if you are happy with your treatment. The Therapists work on a commission basis, so Tips are the way Clients show their appreciation in a way that the Office does not benefit from.

  • Insurance: While there are some situations where insurance will cover the cost of massage ( certain wellness programs, and/or physician prescribed treatments ) we at Absolute Relief do not process any insurance claims. If you have insurance that will cover your massage, we are happy to provide you with any necessary documentation such as receipts and copies of our licensure so that you may be reimbursed by your provider. The office does accept HSA/Flex Spending Credit Cards.

Office Policies

Our staff are all Nationally Certified and State of NH Licensed. The Office is a proud member of the American Massage Therapy Association and faithfully abides by all the professional standards outlined in its Code of Ethics.

In addition, the office maintains the following policies:

  • Payment for services are due immediately after the session is complete
  • Appointments are time slots we reserve for the client so that no other services are scheduled. Sessions the client fails to arrive for with out any cancellation notice are considered missed, and the client will be billed our Missed Appointment Fee to compensate the office and the therapist for lost business.
  • Clients under the age of 18 must have a Parent or Guardian present in the treatment room for the entire time to chaperon the session.
  • There is zero tolerance regarding request for services of a sexual nature. Any actions, offers, or requests that may be considered inappropriate shall give grounds for the therapist terminate the session. No other warning will be given, and regardless of how time has passed, full payment will be due.