For those who are consistent about incorporating Massage into their regular wellness routine, we offer a package discount when sessions are pre-purchased in bulk. Package Rates are listed below:

*Pre-pay for a package of 4 30-Minute Massages   -    $140 ( Save $5 ea )
*Pre-pay for a package of 4 60-Minute Massages   -   $260 ( Save $10 ea )
*Pre-pay for a package of 4 90-Minute Massages   -    $380 ( Save $15 ea )

* In-office appointment may be included with package at the time of purchase.

Restrictions that apply:

  • Packages never expire, but any package certificates that are lost will not be replaced.

  • Package Certificate is valid for one primary user only. Massages may not be gifted or transferred to other recipients, unless originally purchased for that reason.

  • Couples, Family Members or Friends who have appointments on the same day at the same time may share from the same package

  • This offer is only valid for the face-value service that was originally purchased ( No splitting a 60-Minute Appointment into 2 30-Minute Appointments )

  • No other discounts we offer may be applied to or combined with services purchased as a package

  • Packaged appointments may not be redeemed on the following Holidays: Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day