Heated Stones Massage


Heated Stones Massage combines the benefit of Thermo Heat Therapy with traditional Massage to provide a more comprehensive treatment. The radiant warmth of the stones effectively penetrates more deeply to soothe and release stubborn stress in a more passive manner than Massage alone. Also a very popular service during winter months. This may be an ideal option for those suffering from chronic tension, but preferring something gentler than Deep Tissue Massage. 

The Half-Body Service is a 45 Minute treatment for the neck and back. The Full-Body Service is a 90 Minute treatment that also includes the arms and legs.

Half-Body Heated Stones Massage: ( 45 Minutes )   $65

Full-Body Heated Stones Massage: ( 90 Minutes )   $125

Couple's Half Body Heated Stones Massage:         $130

Couple's Full Body Heated Stones Massage:          $250