It is well known that a balanced life-style is essential to optimal health. Work & play, diet & exercise, and social relationships are among things that we all must juggle on a daily basis. They often have a direct effect on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Massage can be an effective, and enjoyable component of your health maintenance or wellness plan.

Massage Therapy is based on the fact that the body’s soft tissue structures – Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, and Fascia – respond to touch. It involves the nurturing manipulation of these soft tissues to relieve discomfort that is often associated with tension being stored there. Using a variety of professional massage techniques, the therapist works the client’s muscles to help ease this stored tension, improve flexibility, and encourage better circulation. This works to help alleviate or prevent pain, and improve muscle recovery.

Massage has a long and distinguished history, having been known to the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, Romans, and virtually every civilization before and since. There is little doubt that Massage was the first health procedure ever conceived. Isn’t the first thing we do when we feel pain anywhere on our body is to rub it?

Massage is now even being prescribed by some doctors and covered by some insurance companies. We are beginning to think preventively and see the benefits of natural approaches to care that often have far less risk than pharmaceuticals or surgery.  Massage Therapy is one of the most powerful of these resources.

You are joining a growing number of people who have found Massage to be a valuable and enjoyable part of a balanced life-style. Be an active participant in your session, and ask questions about things you do not understand. Above all, Relax! and enjoy your Massage :)